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Thank you for your interest in ZOTTO the ZotinoTall Tower Observatory!

Please find all press releases regarding ZOTTO below. Photos are not yet available for download. Further on they may be used free of charge for editorial purposes provided that the copyright is cited.

If you’re interested in reporting about ZOTTO, please do not hesitate to contact formular .We’re happy to provide you with in-depth information, additional materials (photos, video footage) and facilitate interviews with our scientists around the world.

Press releases

2020: Pollen’s contributions to Siberias forests : Williams, Claire, and Anastasia Makhnykina.

2020: Wikipedia – Zotino Tall Tower Observation Facility

2019: TASS (online article in Russian) – Observing the climate by means of a large tower

2015: Siberian Times (online article in Englisch) – Tower of Siberia: can this 302 metre skyscraper save our planet?

2014: Kommersant (online article in Russian) – Kirill Zhurenkov: in the Amazonian jungle and the Siberian taiga, a common cause – Кирилл Журенков: в амазонской сельве и сибирской тайге займутся общим делом

2007: MPG Video – ZOTTO – Der Klimamessturm in Sibirien

2006: Brochure – The Zotino Tall Tower Observatory (ZOTTO)